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Sanya Nanshan Hotel profile

2019/2/16 20:55:30
Sanya Nanshan Hotel is located in the national 5 a grade scenic spot sanya nanshan cultural tourism zone, 30 km from sanya phoenix international airport 35 kilometers, high-speed, 40 km from the downtown, the ends of the earth cave scenic area scenic area 18 kilometers, size 8 km.
Hotel opened on April 20, 2005, renovated in 2013, is located in the national 5 a grade scenic spot in sanya nanshan cultural tourism zone, located on the wonderful golden hill shade swaying bodhi forest, unique amorous feelings of the world's largest buddhist holy tree banyan park with intense aromas of tropical rain forest surrounded by; Facing the south China sea, white with, seven kilometers long and wonder natural bar within easy reach. Face to face with wonderful phase solemn sea guanyin icon 108 metres. The hotel's natural scenery and humanistic landscape perfect combination, the scenery is superior, the environment elegant. "Zero distance resort course" reputation.
Nanshan Hotel set "prayer, meditation, vacation, health" into an organic whole, is a guanyin culture as the theme of coastal resort leisure keeping in good health. Hotel adhering to the "harmonious harmony, starting from the heart" business philosophy, to provide you with high quality, unique products and services.
Here, we hope to share with you is more than just a hotel, but also a life attitude.

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