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Malata Carrey International Hotel Wuhan profile

2019/2/16 20:55:49
Malata Carrey International Hotel Wuhan is located in Jiangxia city Jiangxia District, Wuhan Avenue and Tan Xinpei Road Interchange, backed by Zhi Fang City Center, facing the temple mountain Economic Development Zone, adjacent to the Tan Xinpei cultural park.
Malata Carrey International Hotel Wuhan brand of high star hotel chain membership Kerry, operating area of about 17000 square meters, comprehensive hotel diversified set catering, multi-level, multi function room Kangle and business in one.
Multi level rooms a low-key luxury, design have great originality, the warm chic style, to create a star "home" for your romantic harbour. Malata Carrey International Hotel Wuhan also has a western restaurant, 22 dining rooms, multi-function hall, 22 KTV rooms and 17 spa rooms.

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Shanghai Huhua International Hotel (Shanghai Heqing Road) traffic info

Business zone:Minhang Development Zone
Address:Shanghai · Shanghai · minxingqu - No.300 Heqing Road Minxing District Shanghai China