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Floloving Hotel profile

2019/2/16 20:55:57
"Flower of the hotel" is a well-known scenic spot "million Sunflower Garden" to spend one billion yuan built, the world's only located in a million flowers in the five Stars Hotel. Around The world's first global flowers theme, the hotel is romantic and chic, by 11 different styles, the elements of the fashion elements of the East and West constitute a fashion building.
This is a hotel which has vitality, from all over the world rare flowers, four seasons in full bloom, a change of scenery, the natural landscape and the hotel building perfect combination. Stroll In the hotel, the venue, touched by the beauty of you.
This hotel is a fashionable, stylish room design, high-tech guestrooms feature, creative beauty diet, and little things attentive collocation, passing a concise and flow Chang an era of beauty, be good to hear or see.
This is a details of the winning of the hotel, each room is not only provide to the guests overnight shelter and exclusive personal Aromatherapy Sleep Pillow, soft 350 woven bed with Products, private order of the desire tree, etc., from the heart and the service culture, in the subtle to provide a taste, a kind of life attitude.
This is a hotel which has taste, fragrant flowers. Marilyn Monroe. "Wearing" Chanel No.5 sleep, and the hotel for you to enjoy free Chanel, Dior,
Hermes, Lancome, Cartier, the world's top perfume, let you turned gorgeous, or sexy, or mysterious, or elegant, or fresh. Rooms are specially made of fresh flowers.
Tao's series of bath products, the continuous beautiful fragrance to bring you the happiness that you hear, bring soothing sweet day.

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Shanghai Huhua International Hotel (Shanghai Heqing Road) traffic info

Business zone:Minhang Development Zone
Address:Shanghai · Shanghai · minxingqu - No.300 Heqing Road Minxing District Shanghai China