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Ningbo Dongqian Lake Hengyuan Hotel profile

2019/2/16 20:56:00
Ningbo Dongqian Lake Hengyuan Hotel is located in Shiba waves, beautiful scenery of the East Lake Resort, Lake highways, just 5 kilometers from Shenyang high-speed G15 HengXi sea export, transportation is very convenient. Two spirit Peninsula Hotel couch, hiding in the landscape surrounded provide accommodation, catering, conference, spa bath-stop holiday experience. Lakeshore, valleys, hot springs ...... Here, you can see the ripples of the lake hundred thousand turn back, hear the wind blowing through the leaves of the gentle fine sound and feel physically and mentally tired in the hot springs of infiltration gradually dissipated. Admitted to Ningbo Dongqian Lake Hengyuan Hotel, as is admitted to the boundless imagination of the world, there is no schedule to walk freely at any time to stop and enjoy the scenery, enjoy the meticulous personalized courtesy respected among the charming landscape.
Ningbo Dongqian Lake Hengyuan Hotel "fishing Qiao" farm food restaurant has a stylish lobby with 15 boxes, the gas supply is the most grounded of the local cuisine, this piece of scenery from the waters "Lake four treasures" jump Speranskia fresh sea cargo.

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Shanghai Huhua International Hotel (Shanghai Heqing Road) traffic info

Business zone:Minhang Development Zone
Address:Shanghai · Shanghai · minxingqu - No.300 Heqing Road Minxing District Shanghai China