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Hangzhou Hill and River Hotel profile

2019/2/16 20:56:18
Hill & River Hotel Hangzhou locates in Zhijiang National Holiday Area and adjacent Sung City theme park and West Lake Golf Court.
High personal status guest rooms and luxurious restaurants will make you relax completely, be yourself and comfortable feeling during your staying period.

You can feel the peaceful and warm life breathing in Hill & River Hotel Hangzhou. You can enjoy a cook special cooking art. In the meantime, you can also feel completely the ocean overflows the servant type of thick British style service.

The special personal status of the hotel whole style blended British lately classic doctrine and the essence in the Chinese traditional culture. Low-pitched luxurious contain among them, make your stay feeling the west and Chinese art breathing combining.

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Shanghai Huhua International Hotel (Shanghai Heqing Road) traffic info

Business zone:Minhang Development Zone
Address:Shanghai · Shanghai · minxingqu - No.300 Heqing Road Minxing District Shanghai China